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1. How often should I have my carpets Cleaned?
Most carpet manufacturers recommend you have your carpets steam extracted twice a year to protect the warranty.  You should read and understand the warranties from all of your carpet purchases. 
2. Will carpet cleaning hurt my carpets?
Not with proper modern methods. These days carpet shampoo has become carpet solutions, a PH balanced solution is manufactuered for nearly all fiber combinations so regular cleaning (removing abrasive dirt grains from carpets) will actually extend the life of your carpet
3.  How long does it take for my clean carpets to dry?
Here in paradise it takes a little longer then across the rest of the country.  A trained proffessional knows how much or little hot water to use on any given day.  However if you turn the AC down your carpets should be dry within 12 hours.
4.  Some told me my carpets will get dirty faster after cleaning, is that true?
Not if the carpet is acid rinsed which removes all solution residue, then a protectant should be applied
5.  I am worried my carpet won't dry fast enough to prent mold or mildew.
Most hot water extractions don't wet through to the pad, also truckmounted equipment has a strong CFM draw, less than 1% of moisture is left in the carpet.
6.  Can hot water extraction remove mold or mildew from my carpet?
While there are mold and mildew remediation chemicals that can restore a damaged carpet in the very early stages of the damage however, the over all answer is no.
7.  My dog keep urinating in the same spot on my carpet, even after I have cleaned it, what can you do about that?
The pet urine has seeped into the back and padding of the carpet.  The animal smells the odor and returns.  There are two solutons for the problem.  One is to saturate the area with enzime laced solution, keeping the area moiste while the enzimes eat the urine bacteria.  The othere is a deodoant laced drenching with a hard water claw extraction.